Just Another Unemployed White Trash p.o.s.

Photo of Mr. Oddmod taken exactly 10 years ago today. The day after the closing party for Satellite Vintage.

This will be my last Tumblr post for the next several months. Everything I’ve posted images of so far has been of things I had in the past. When I return, probably in the Fall, I will begin to post images of things that are currently in my collection.

It has been fun. I’ve enjoyed checking out your blogs and I really appreciateĀ  everyone that has followed me, liked and re-posted my images.

Stay Strange.


Me and j.t., just a couple of kids with a big pair of pants.

Co-owners of Satellite Vintage, Haight Street, San Francisco 1995 - 2003

  1. Camera: Canon MX860 series

Pre-1936 Levi exposed rivet buckle back 201xx Jeans

Dead Stock 1940’s leather patch hidden rivet Levi 501xx jeans.

"The is a pair of Levis - The Rivet’s Still There - Every Garment Guaranteed"

  1. Camera: Canon MX860 series

1st Edition 1985 Nike Air Jordans

Levi leather patch 501xx jeans. Late 1940’s - 1950’s

  1. Camera: Canon MX860 series

Reversible 1940’s souvenir Japan Jacket

7 pairs of very nice levi 501xx jeans. Late 1940’s - early 1960’s.

  1. Camera: Canon MX860 series

1940’s souvenir Japan Jacket

1940’s Levi Strauss & Co 506xx single pocket buckle back jacket.

  1. Camera: Canon MX860 series